Sustainability in focus

We at Starkraft see our responsibility not only in compliance with legal standards, rules and requirements, but take this in all other areas much further. After all - we only have one world!

Starkraft - environmentally compatible


We know that our paper as part of our customers offering must satisfy all requirements, which are placed on them and their products. Supply Chain Responsibility is increasingly everyone’s responsibility – and one
we all carry on behalf of increasingly demanding customers and regulators. With Starkraft you have
a reliable partner at your side.


At Starkraft we never forget that our customers have something to sell and that our products, and how they are made, are part of what they offer. It matters to us that the extended supply chain is confident in our Environmental and broader Corporate Responsibility and that we make it easy for customers to access our knowledge and data – this is what we term “Extended Responsibility”.


In our paper machine we have the latest technology that enables us to achieve maximal efficiency using minimal energy consumption. Zellstoff Pöls AG has invested heavily over the past years in various sustainability projects for the pulp mill, and due to these investments, our paper has the lowest air/water/emission values and the lowest carbon footprint.
You can read more about the environmental protection of Zellstoff Pöls AG here or see our Sustainability Folder under Downloads


As a business owner-managed company we are able to invest in projects that maintain long term employment within the region- our paper machine is an excellent example of such. The stability of our successful private company is beneficial to both our customers and employees. We are a partner that you can always depend upon.

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