starkraft helps the Rhinos in South Africa

Rhino poaching has reached crisis point, and across the globe Rhino habitat is shrinking. It is estimated that there are around 28.000 surviving Rhinos worldwide.
7,250 Rhinos have been killed by poachers during the last 10 years. Thus, most species are acutely threatened with extinction. Starkraft supports non-profit organizations in South Africa that work against Rhino poaching and provide medical assistance to those injured Rhinos.
Since 2016, we have supported various, carefully selected organizations and projects. Here are some examples:

  • Night vision and metal detectors for anti-poaching units
  • Dirtbikes for Rangers
  • Feed for the Rhino Rescue Center and Nature Conservation Zones
  • Treatments that render Rhino horns unusable for poachers
  • Rhinoceros ear tags that allow you to constantly locate the animals
Save the rhinos

The Protrack Rhino Task Team is a non-profit organization that has been fighting against Rhino poaching in South Africa since 2013. The Rangers, employed by Protrack keep watch over the Limpopo province's observation posts, set up roadblocks and also run a 24-hour Rhino hotline.
Thanks to a donation from Starkraft, dirt bikes could be bought for the Rangers who patrol through the bush, which is why the Rangers from Hoedspruit sent this photo as a thank you.
Starkraft will continue to support the exceptional work done by the Protrack Rhino Task Team. http://www.protrackrhinotask.co.za/

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