Most modern technology

Newest technology and highest flexibility are the attributes that best describe our kraft paper machine. With its 5,4 meter working width it can produce over 1,000 meters of paper per minute.

Investment volume: 115 Mio. Euro
Production capacity: 80.000 t/a
Max. speed of production (using 28g/m²): 1.000 m/min
Working width after rewinder (cut): 5.400 mm
Type of paper: Kraft paper (MG-, MF-Paper)
Grammage area: 28-120 g/m²
Speed of construction: 1.200 m/min

The Machine

Highest refining level
Depending on the required paper quality we are able to adjust the refining intensity of the pulp within our four refiners. During this phase within the paper process we develop and ensure the maximal density and strength of our paper.

Excellent formation
We control the essential paper properties from the beginning onwards. Our equipment ensures optimal dewatering and an excellent dilution water control, which are both highly important for improved sheet formation, paper thickness and ultimately excellent paper quality.

Best run-ability
The world`s largest Yankee cylinder- the heart of our machine- not only dries the paper within the process, but provides an excellent paper surface and perfect gloss as well. This ensures that our paper has optimal sheet running capabilities and excellent printability.

Excellent smoothness
Depending on product specification paper requires certain properties; our modern calendar ensures that the required characteristics such as gloss, smoothness, thickness and closed paper structure are positively influenced.

Constant paper quality
Throughout the whole paper production process the quality of our paper product is controlled by online measurement and steering systems. The paper quality remains constantly high.

Variable reel sizes
Our rewinder takes the jumbo reels from the machine, removes any defects in the paper and cuts the reels to the diameter and width specifications of our customers. Our rolls with a width between 450-3200mm are free of winding defects, have straight-edged end faces and have an excellent winding structure.

Fully automatic
At our fully automated finishing line, the rolls are packed and labelled according to the requirements of our customers and are delivered automatically to the despatch department.

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