• May 2024: new products are here!
    Starkraft's PM6 in Steyrermühl has successfully started operations.
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Starkraft is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturers of high quality kraft paper in the world. With the addition of Starkraft’s third paper machine PM6 in Steyrermühl, a full range of packaging & speciality papers will be available for customers. From May onwards Starkraft’s total capacity will increase from 200,000 to 350,000 tons of kraft paper.

    PM6 per year: ~ 150,000 t
    Total per year: ~ 350,000 t
    30–100 gsm

    Natural (unbleached) & White (bleached) paper
    Steyrermühl, Austria, Heinzel Group's hub for flexible packaging papers
  • Explore our high-quality MF kraft paper made from 100% virgin fibers: Starkraft TAPES. With its high tear resistance, it's ideal for paper tapes and gumming applications.
  • Explore our premium uncoated kraft paper Starkraft LINER: Ideal for food contact and packaging protection.
  • Indroducing the ultimate solution for sublimation printing with our uncoated MG kraft paper Starkraft SUBLIMATION consisting of 100% virgin fiber.
  • White Glossy is a bleached kraft paper Starkraft MEDICINE consisting of 100% primary fibers with excellent formation and high mechanical strengths.
  • Starkraft FLEXPACK is utilized in food and hygiene packaging structures and can be printed, laminated, and coated according to requirements.
  • Explore our high-quality, machine-finished, uncoated MF kraft paper Starkraft PAPER STICKS. Crafted with a blend of softwood and hardwood virgin fibers, promising high strength and remarkable printability.
  • Starkraft RELEASE is an uncoated base paper for direct siliconization. Silicone-coated release paper can be used as a reliable and easily releasable cover of self-adhesive strips, in various hygiene applications.
  • Starkraft BAGS have been specially designed to naturally and environmentally protect and package food. It's ideal for paper bags for carrying bread and groceries.
  • Discover new strength with our kraft paper Starkraft E-COMMERCE for versatile shipping packaging solutions. Its unique texture makes it ideal for applications requiring a robust and natural aesthetic.
  • Introducing our new MF kraft paper, ideal for extrusion and lamination for a variety of industrial applications: Starkraft INDUSTRIAL.
  • Explore our high-quality uncoated MF kraft paper Starkraft LAMINATION, perfect for food contact. It features a natural appearance and smooth surface on both sides.
  • Starkraft FORMFILL is the optimal paper for automatic industrial filling and complies with all requirements of the food packaging regulations.
  • Starkraft Shopper is the quality kraft paper for shopping bags that scores highly with its excellent strength and printability. It is a functional first choice for shopping bags of various sizes.
Production capacity/year 100,000 to > 90,000 to 150,000 to
Length of machine 100 m 100 m 90 m
Width of machine 5,400 mm 5,400 mm 6,300 mm
Grammages 30–120 gsm 20–70 gsm 30–100 gsm
Year (re-)built 2013 2019 2024
Investment volume in EUR 115 Mio 133.5 Mio 70 Mio

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